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What's included?

  • SOSTAC® Framework 
  • Market Audits
  • Research Templates
  • Persona Planning Checklist
  • Content Strategy Workbook
  • Campaign Planner
  • Best Practices & Actionable Tips

See the difference this downloadable toolkit will make to your planning efforts...


Everything you need to create the ULTIMATE B2B Marketing Plan...

Written by marketers who understand the complexities (and pressures) associated with creating a comprehensive marketing plan, this downloadable resource eliminates confusion and lays out better ways of working...


5 Key Take-A-Ways

Learn how-to:

  1. Build an actionable plan that supports your overarching business priorities 
  2. Set out realistic marketing objectives that are measurable (and attainable!)
  3. Deploy the most up-to-date tactics for engaging with modern B2B buyers
  4. Build effective campaigns that engage the right audience through the right channels - at the right touch points 
  5. Develop the right processes to keep Sales and Marketing working on the same page

This resource has already helped hundreds of marketers find better ways of planning - how will it help you?