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Inside Intent Data: Unlocking Demand Generation Results

Cut through the noise and explore how to use intent data to support and enhance your demand generation activities. This guide is for B2B marketers looking to learn how organizations in the UK and US are using intent data today - and what they can do to improve on their own intent data initiatives.

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Inside Intent Data: Unlocking Demand Generation Results

What's Inside?

This guide is built on first-party research from within our IFP community. You'll explore: 

  • Intent Data in 2020: How are other B2B marketers leveraging intent data?
  • Sources, objectives and challenges of utilizing intent data
  • Actioning on intent data insights and optimization techniques
  • Budget planning and future investment: What are the costs incurred?
  • Benefits and ROI of intent data - the low-down from B2B marketers today.
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