Create a 'Customized' Target Account List

Let us create a 'customized' Target Account List for you, using Artificial Intelligence.

Through our AI platform, we can enhance your existing lists with viable lookalikes that match your ideal customer profile (ICP) criteria.

This means increasing the volume of best fit opportunities your business can actively target...

Perfect if you are looking to progress your ABM strategy through increasing your available reach.



What's our process?


Step 1: Give us a list of domains of your recent / best /ideal customers

Step 2: We will use Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to read the content on your customers sites

Step 3: We will also match them to our enriched firmographic data to understand your target market

Step 4: We will feed what we find into our lookalike AI model and identify other companies that are ideal accounts for you to target

Optional: should you wish, we can push this list straight to our campaigns team and…

Step 5: We overlay this Target Account List with high intent decision makers from your target persona within our communities and engage them with your content – generating high quality MQLs